Magdalena Violet Zia Aspiring Director (arwenecho) wrote in gothiclesbians,
Magdalena Violet Zia Aspiring Director

Mod Pic Update!

Picture update!!!! Hey girlies i haven't had time to vote or update lately cause I'm at home which means I'm barely online. When I return to school in slightly over a week I promise that I will go back to work on our lovely community. I hope everyone has a kick ass holidays!

~Violet the Mod~

Can you tell that I got a digicam for christmas?
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Yes, I can! ^_^
Beautiful makeup, darling. You always look to pristine <3
Awww thank you lovely!
Wow, you're so gorgeous...I'm jealous!

Also, I was a member here under a different name up until like, two days ago, and then because of some issues with a stalker I had to change it... silentlysick can vouch for me.

Deleted comment

I was not the name starting-with-an-A. >_< Sorry, I have to be vague for security reasons.
ok sorry hun, i will delete my last comment just in case.
Absolutely gorgeous, as always.