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A successful Saturday...

This is going to be x-posted to _shesakiller_, _skin_, gothiclesbians, leather_rose, ma_kink, manicjane, naughty_goth, and slave_girls.

Hahahahaha yeah that's a lot.

Yesterday, March 5th, I did my first real professional bondage shoot. I went to Lowell, MA and met Raj of Shaun accompanied me as an escort, though I was uncomfortable with him watching us do the shoot itself so he sat in the other room. Raj had a veritable treasure chest of bondage equipment. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I have been wanting to use a bit gag for forever and I spotted it and I couldn't let it go. I fell in love with it. He had so much to use and we made good use of quite a bit.

First thing I couldn't get my eyelashes on so we threw out that and shot without. I was so stressed before we got there cuz we were running late. Didn't get to his place till about 3:15. I was supposed to be there at 2:00. I hate being late with a passion. But he was gracioulsy understanding. My ride was held up by family matters. So we got there and I began to relax and we rummaged through all his fun toys and then we tried getting me into the waist concher. We managed to get me into it but the first order of business is to get me a cincher that fits me perfectly. Will do. So I pranced around in my boots, thi-his, the cincher, and a lacey spiderweb top for a bit and then we got to business. He put the bit gag on me, cuffed my wrists and ankles and bound my elbows and calves together. My god it was lovely. He shot me like that for a bit and we went through what he wanted to use on me.

I was hog-tied at one point with a ball gag in my mouth and he shot me like that for a bit. He used another, bigger ball gag on me after. We tried to get the dental bit mouth was too big. I could open my mouth bigger than the dental bit would go. Which was unfortunate because I wanted to try one of those out. Then we took my boots off and hiked my skirt up and he flogged me until we almost broke the flesh of my ass. Words cannot express how fucking amazing it felt. He used a plethora of different flogs and he used a crop on me as well. We threw a pair of nipple clamps in for some of the pics and those were cool too. It was my first time using them. It felt so fucking incredible. I have been spanked before but this was absolutely...I can't even say.


"I have to go back to Braintree now to meet my father and brother but I will finish this when I get back to my place."

Back To Our Irregularly Scheduled Program

I loved doing this shoot. If I had the choice to do it all over again or not I would do it all over again. Many of you who responded to this responded based solely on what I have said thus far. To be honest I am overwhelmed, surprised, and very thankful to all the responses I got. I did not think it would create such an uproar.

Now I explain how this all came about...

This began when he contacted me through my OMP portfolio. I responded back to him We finished the shoot after about 100 shots. I was never hurt, never lied to or made into any kind of victim. He never "made a move on" me and never attempted to even try. He was professional, cordial, respectful and accomodating. When I got to the shoot I was a little over an hour late because my ride/escort was held up by personal matters. I had to go buy a new pair of thi-hi's when we allready running late so we had to go to Salem, NH and then back down to Lowell, MA. There was a beast of a woman who wouldn't shut up at Fredericks and I was behind her at the counter. I couldn't get my lashes on and my freshly acrylic-ed (spelling ?) right thumb nail, which should have been long dry and hard by then, got scraped on teh tip and the paint got scratched off of it and I didn't have polish to hide it. My brows had been done for the first shoot that I had missed and I was sketched about 3 hairs coming in my brows that I had not noticed until 5 minutes before we got there. Guess who didn't have tweezers either? Yepp, me. I was nervous, shaky, irritated and almost driven to murder by the slow assholes we got stuck behind on the highway. You can imagine how brusque and peeved I was when I initially arrived.

He made me feel comfortable, allowed me time to unwind, freshen up, and discuss what we wanted to do. Other than what I have said I don't know how he could have acted more professionally.

His e-mails to me are here in bold...

From: | Profile Link - Member 7605
Subject: OMP Referral for Erzsebet - ID#95618
Date: Fri-Dec-2004

Hi Erzsebet,

I'm a photographer from Lowell Mass. I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a shoot? In particular I'm looking to shoot some alternative/gothic looks mainly to build up my portfolio. The pay is $--/hr and will be in Lowell Mass. You can check put some of my work at .

Take care,


Well from what I have seen on your site and on your OMP page I like
what you have done and I would be very interested in a shoot with you. However if I do come then I will be accompanied by Matt ----- who I trust and who accompanies me to any shoots I do. Obvioulsy I would like to talk further with you before we make any scheduled arrangements because, regardless of how talented you may be, I only do shoots in which I am comfortable with the photographer. I do not have a make-up artist....I have rarely done anything with more than some eyeliner and mascara...and I do not have a plethora of fetish attire. I can pull together what I can but I do not know wxactly what you have in mind. Do get back to me however if you are still interested.


Sent: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 08:24:27 -0800


That's cool if you bring someone along. I am going to want to go dramatic on the make. Using foundation and dark lipstick with lip lines, and eyeliner. I want to go with a look for going out clubbing. We don't need too many different outfits. I'll most likely be shooting you in 2-3 different ones.One of the thngs I'm lookign for is a look with combat boots. Probably something with a skirt and a punk shirt. I For that look we could try pigtails for your hair. Let me knwo if something like that will work for you.


I don't know if you got my reply but if you did e-mail me back. I'm
down for that totally amenable to pretty much anything. I like dramatic. And I work out a few outfits along those lines.


Sent: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 09:21:21 -0800

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I've been taking a little time off
until the New Year. How will your schedule be for the month of January? I might actully take a "pin-up girl" approach to the shoot.


Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 8:29 AM

Well if you give me date time and travel detaisl I can do all I can to get the day off from my regular job. I just need a little advance warning. And I would love to do a pin up style shoot. That would be much loved.It's ok I completely understand. The past couple of weeks have been insane for me.


Sent: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 19:05:35 -0500

Hi, I tried to call you cell regarding the shoot this Saturday, bit it
looks like it's still inactive. I'll try to catch you online this week so we
can go over the details or you can call me at 508-***-****.

Take care,


: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 17:23:26 -0500


I wanted to make sure everything was all set for tomorrow. Call me
when you are heading out so I'll know when to pick you up at the train station. My number is 508-***-***

Take care,


So that was our e-mail interaction. We talked online after that about what we wanted to do and he showed me some of the bondage work he had done before. That was how I saw what he had at his disposal and asked him if we could use it. I love bit gags and I saw one of them in the photos along with the cincher and I wanted to to use them more than anything else. We had no intention of making this a bondage shoot but the way it worked out with me wanting to, it turned out to be one. We at first had a "Messy Stench-esque" (she is also one of my fav models) style in mind and then he thought a pin-up style would be cool and then it went to light bondage work after he showed me what he had. Then I asked what he had at his disposal and he told me. After that all I wanted to do was a bondage shoot.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I was the instigator behind the style of shoot we did. I was pleased when I got there with him and his attitude. He was polite and professional to myself and my escort. He was accomodating and he had a studio set-up with all the equipment I expected to see and more. We went through all he had and exchanged ideas and suggestions. We went through what we wanted to use and how and everything was discussed well before-hand. He knew by my first response that I brooked no argument as to my bringing an escort. That was never discussed and is non-negotiable. I told him also that there may be 2 people coming, not just 1, and he was amenable to that as well. He was professional from the beginning of our interaction to the present and I enjoyed our work together and had fun as well. I do intend to work with him in the future and I would recommend him as well.

Had I not wanted any particular part of what we did it would not have happened. We came to a complete understanding of what we were going to shoot and how before anything started. Everything was fully understood between the both of us. I told him my limitations as a model and he did the same for me, as a photographer. I went over everyone on his OMP acknowledgements and I asked a few photographers I knew if they had ever heard of him before and if any had worked with him before. A few had heard of him and one photographer I asked had also worked with a few of the models that he had.

I know I am not dumb. I have common sense and I use it. I was comfortable, had a great time, and was made clear of everything before-hand. There was no uncalled for actions on his or my part and I was happy with how the shoot went and I am happy with the results thus far.

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