Ayumi Nakamura (silentlysick) wrote in gothiclesbians,
Ayumi Nakamura

Electrolyte Cheveux

hello darlings!!


First of All, I encourage you all to go vote on the application of our former co-mod since i haven't the power to stanp her until she gets three more positive votes

new pix because I got my hair ( all of it!) dyed for free by this lovely drag queen I met at a party a while back

come see <3





think I'll get tons of ladies?

<3 ms. acerbic







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*jumps into your arms* You got meeeeee!!!!

And on a semi-related note, I almost typed "humps" instead of "jumps." XD
freudian slip. love the hair, btw :)
-catches you -That's a slip up I'd be very okay with, darling!
my puple and green dreads salute you.
i salute them right back, hon
quite beautious! I heart the 2nd and 3rd lots, they are hawt!